At Norlift, we place an important emphasis on expert Service to keep your Forklift working and your servicing costs as low as possible. No matter what Forklift brand you use, our qualified Technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure a fast and accurate diagnosis, helping to save you time and money.

Field Service

Customer breakdowns are a high priority to us – when you contact with a Material Handling Breakdown Norlift will dispatch a Technician at the earliest convenience to ensure your machine is up and running to minimise your down time. Norlift technicians are qualified to perform a wide range of Servicing and Mechanical Breakdowns on site, being fully equipped to handle most repairs at your facility. We are flexible to work at your convenience not just ours, to ensure your machine is repaired in an efficient and professional manner.

Workshop Service

Norlift’s workshop facility is fully equipped to handle all major Material Handling equipment repairs, rebuilds and breakdowns. Our technicians have the training and experience to diagnose and repair your equipment right the first time and guarantee quality and after sales service on all our workmanship.

To ensure your business is running at its fullest with no down time, Norlift can offer a Hire machine so you can continue business as usual. We have the convenience of delivering with our Tilt Tray Truck and returning your machine once the workshop repairs have been carried out. Norlift also has the facilities to carry out welding, steam cleaning and industrial battery repairs.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Service

Norlift offers scheduled Preventative Maintenance Services on all Material Handling equipment. Services can be scheduled in to suit your machines usage varying from 30 days through to 6 or 12 monthly. Generally every 200-250 hours your Forklift should be lubricated, have the engine oil and filter changed, fluid levels checked and an inspection made for worn or damaged items. Our technicians can attend site to carry out this vital function, saving you time and can detect any minor problems before they become costly breakdowns.